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Our Journey

The journey started back in 2005, when the Facilities Management Department was put together to offer world class maintenance services to our landmark commercial building, WinnerBD’s Services Galleria. The Galleria Management Team started offering after sales service to WinnerBD’s clientele, involving security, cleaning, technical and management aspects.

The experiment was a rousing success and similar teams were put in place at all of WinnerBD’s residential and commercial projects that came after. WinnerBD 

Services Ltd. was later launched as an SBU in 2020 in an attempt to satisfy the growing external demand for such services. The company is now fully dedicated to provide attractive, clean, safe and well maintained environments that facilitate the desired activities of the end users of the building. This takes us one step closer to our sustainability.


To be, and remain, the top Building Management service provider.


To provide safe, clean and productive environments through maintenance and optimization services.


Our values are fixed in our structure, our decision making, our conduct and our performance.

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We Provide the Best Service in Industry‚Äč

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